My Vote Counts v The Speaker of Parliament & Others will be heard at the Constitutional Court, Johannesburg, on 10 February 2015.

The right to vote envisaged in the Constitution is the right to cast an informed vote. The right to make political choices is the right to make informed political choices.

MVC has asked the Constitutional Court to declare that Parliament has failed to fulfill its constitutional obligation to enact financial disclosure legislation to give effect to the right of access to information. This is based on the belief that information about the private funding of political parties is reasonably required for the effective exercise of the right to vote in elections. We have asked the Court to direct Parliament to fulfill this constitutional obligation by passing disclosure legislation, which Parliament must do within 18 months.

We refuse to be blind mice. We choose to be informed citizens. We say no to secrecy. Those that exercise public power must and will be held accountable. We demand protection from the state from all forms of corruption.

Our founding affidavit is available here, while our heads of argument are available here. The Speaker of Parliament’s answering affidavit is available here. Other materials which may be of interest are available on our website
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