Keeping in line with My Vote Counts’ work focusing on uncovering the private funding of political parties, we have released second a report called How Many Rands for Your Vote?, which explores the avenues of the public funding political parties receive. Since the first report in 2020, there has been fundamental changes to the legislation that governs public funding. In the report, we provide background and comment on recent developments and changes to the law, followed by an overview of how political party funding is governed in South Africa. Importantly, we explore how much parties have received in public funding between 2014 and 2021 and discuss the challenges in accessing information about public funding of political parties.

Every year, since 2014, parties cumulatively received more than R1 billion through public funding. However, information on how much parties received and how the money was spent is not easily accessible.

As an organisation that believes and works toward a transparent and accountable political system, we are committed to ensuring the general public has access to information about all kinds of political funding to help voters exercise their right to make informed political choices.

You can find the report at this link.

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