Popular Education
How Will We Achieve Our Vision?



Our research deepens our understanding of campaigning, informs government policy, informs how we engage policymakers and political parties and supports our popular education work.

We will gather and analyse information, produce knowledge, and make this accessible through our communication platforms and the media.



We will campaign to shift policy, political culture and hold public representatives to account. We will do this through engagements with partners and coalitions, communications, lobbying and, as a last resort, litigation.

We will push for policy alternatives for the South African political and electoral systems based on the changing economic and socio-political context.

Popular Education

Popular Education

We will work directly with social movements and community organisations to give them the tools to organise and hold public representatives to account. Our approach will:

• Be a process of co-learning,

• Speak to the issues people face in their communities,

• Provide people with the tools to move toward a place of action,

• Support the development of grassroots leadership, and

• Be based on the lived experience of participants.

Additionally, we also produce educational materials such as toolkits , flyers and booklets and videos.

MVC has Three Programmes

1. Political party funding

Ever since MVC’s establishment in 2012, we have lead the call for political party funding transparency. The years of advocacy and litigation resulted in the Promotion of Access to Information Act being implemented on 1 April 2021. This has also lead to the development and implementation of the Political Party Funding Act on 1 April 2021.

The commencement of these two Acts signals a fundamental change in our political landscape. If properly implemented, it will enhance transparency, deter corruption, allow us to better hold political parties accountable and, ultimately, deepen democracy.

All our work on political party funding can be viewed here.

2. Electoral systems

Ensuring our electoral systems are open, fair, and accountable has been central to MVC’s work.

MVC’s work on electoral systems will be:

  • to ensure that the electoral system that is implemented allows the public to hold public representatives to account and that ensures that every vote counts, and
  • to provide communities with the tools to use their power and their vote more effectively to hold public representatives to account.

Our work on electoral systems can be viewed here.

3. Intra-party Democracy

Intra-party democracy is a new area of campaigning work in South Africa. Political parties are the lifeblood of our democracy and need to be owned by and accountable to the public.

MVC is in the initial phases of gathering and analysing information on intra-party democracy in South Africa, as well as looking at international comparative examples.

Our work on intra-party democracy can be viewed here.