MVC and Right To Know have set up a petition that asks the President to sign the Political Party Funding Bill before the 2019 elections.

It is our democratic right to not just vote but to make an informed vote. The information of political parties’ private donor information is required to make an informed vote at the elections. The longer the President delays signing the Bill into law, the longer we will have this democratic right denied.

We are asking you to please click the link and sign the petition. Please also share far and wide.

For more info visit our Facebook: myxcounts or Twitter: @MVC_SA.

My Vote Counts NPC is a non-profit company founded to improve the accountability, transparency and inclusiveness of elections and politics in the Republic of South Africa. We work to ensure that the political and electoral systems are open, fair and accountable to the public and that they remain relevant in the changing South African socio-political context.