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Political Party Funding Coalition

The Political Party Funding Coalition is a coalition of 5 civil society organisations (My Vote Counts, Right 2 Know, Corruption Watch, Helen Suzman Foundation and Ahmed Kathadra Foundation.

The Coalition was launched on 3 August 2021, following the enactment of the Political Party Funding Act (PPFA). The Coalition brings together civil society organisations, journalists, and activists to monitor the adherence to the PPFA and to create channels for the public to access funding information.

Primarily, the Coalition works collectively for the following:

1. Monitoring and evaluation of compliance to the funding disclosure process.
2. Making information on who funds and influences political parties more accessible to the public.
3. Providing voters with information to help make informed voting decisions.
4. Advocacy around the limitations in the existing PPFA legislation that hampers its ability to ensure that political parties are transparent and accountable; and
5. Ensuring that the political arena is not influenced by money and narrow interests, but is owned by all.

Read the Coalition’s founding statement here

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