On 3 August 2021, we launched a Coalition on Party Funding. The creation of a coalition of civil society organisations and activists, supported by the work of journalists, has been prompted by an interest in and commitment to deepening our democracy and holding leaders of political parties to account.  The purpose of the Coalition on Party Funding is to advocate for a transparent and accountable political funding space through collective action. This is to deter corruption and inept governance that has historically been shown to be a consequence of unregulated private money in politics.  The Coalition’s purpose is to demand accountability and take steps to ensure it. The Coalition will focus on ensuring that the political party funding regulatory framework created by the Act will facilitate the transparency and accountability that it promises. The Coalition will work alongside the Act to engender political practices that work in the best interests of all in South Africa.

The Coalition pledges to work collectively to:

  • Monitor and evaluate compliance with the funding disclosure process.
  • Make information on who funds and influences political parties more accessible to the public.
  • Provide voters with information to help make informed voting decisions.
  • Advocate around the limitations in the existing PPFA legislation that hamper its ability to ensure that political parties are transparent and accountable and
  • Work towards changing our political space so that it is not influenced by money and narrow interests but is owned by all.

The Coalition calls on YOU to share your thoughts on political party funding and political corruption by completing the survey at the link below that will be included in our research and advocacy.  

If you’d like to join the Coalition on Party Funding, you can access the form here