On 16 May, 2023, we launch an application in the Western Cape High Court, challenging the constitutionality of aspects of the Political Party Funding Act (PPFA).

Our court application seeks to amend the PPFA, so that it provides for:

  • the disclosure of all private donations, not only those above R100 000;
  • the reduction of the upper annual limit of R15 million limit per donor;
  • the disclosure of financial information related to all expenditure of private donations;
  • limitations on donations from people or entities who are related to donors, so as to prevent circumvention of the upper limit.

My Vote Counts requests the Court to order that the constitutional invalidity in respect of the R100 000 disclosure threshold operates immediately from the date of the Court’s judgment, whereas relief in relation to other aspects be suspended until Parliament acts, within 12 months, to remedy those provisions of the PPFA.