The collective civil society response is a reflection, by civil society organisations within the Civil Society Working Group on State Capture (CSWG), on the Zondo Commission and the State Capture report. It has been compiled from several civil society organisations’ perspectives and stands as a part of ongoing collective work by the CSWG and broader civil society, alongside the important work being done by whistle-blowers and journalists in the country in efforts to hold perpetrators of state capture to account.

This comes at a significant time in South Africa, ahead of the 2024 national election. The struggle against state capture and corruption in South Africa is a struggle for human rights. This is why continued commitment to the implementation of the Zondo Commission’s recommendations and the vigilance of civil society remain important. As the CSWG, we recognise that this is a critical moment for South Africa. There is an opportunity to ensure accountability and justice for years of corruption and maladministration, and to institute key reforms to build a capable state to ensure that it works for the benefit of all. Click on the link below to read the full report.